The “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode will feature guest stars Bharti Sigh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

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Tomorrow’s episode of “Weekend Ka Vaar” will feature Salaman Khan, who will discuss the week’s events and highlight the winners and losers among the contestants.

There was a lot of conflict and tension this week.

We witnessed Munawar’s breakdown with Mannara and Ankita and their subsequent argument.

Aishwarya’s hidden personality has been revealed, shocking the other housemates and viewers with her repeated battles with Neil.

Aunrag is having problems with everyone, and Varun and Sunny are losing it, just to name a few of the YouTubers who are fighting with one another.

We all know thay during “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode a special guest always arrives and has some fun sessions with the competitors and the host.

She will reportedly be spending Diwali with the participants and having a good time on the show with Bharti Sigh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

They would engage in conversation with them and assign them enjoyable activities.

Whoever gets interrogated and who gets praised should find it intriguing.

Is there anything you think Salman Khan might be interested in?

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