According to Sana Raees Khan, Anurag is acting inappropriately.

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Despite her profession, lawyer Sana Raees Khan isn’t afraid to get her voice heard. And she always insists on speaking the truth, regardless of who might be offended. Sana made sure to let Anurag know where he was going wrong because she would never let him in on a terrible equation she had. Anurag and Arun have been fighting nonstop, and the situation has gotten out of hand. Anurag eventually picked up an item from the kitchen and threw it as tempers flared. The object disintegrated. Sana spoke to Arun after that, stressing about how this should not have been done. She voiced her opinion strongly and made sure it was heard. She told Arun that Anurag was crossing the line now. She did, however, be sure to remind Arun that he was wrong to confront Anurag. Meanwhile, Sana has been putting up a stunning display at home. Even the day after Diwali, she still looked stunning in her elaborate ensemble.

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