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Mohit Malhotra, an actor, is a wanderlust. He just returned from a trip to Japan, where he had a great time, met some interesting people, etc.

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Japan. The reason I chose to travel to Japan was because I heard it was stunning, but hardly everyone goes there. Because of its singularity and extraordinary attractiveness, natural wonders, and fantastic culture, I was eager to see the nation.

Traveling from Tokyo, Mohit next visited Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara. In sum, he went to four different cities. Many of the dishes I tried in Japan were among of my favorites. Tempura is one of the wonderful dishes I really loved, and I located a place that served amazing tempura. Udon noodles, which I sampled at a restaurant specializing in them, are likewise very well liked. He says, “It was an amazing dining adventure.”

How did you deal with any language barriers? “Yes, communication has been a problem in Japan; if you don’t speak Japanese, you’ll find yourself relying heavily on Google Translate and, as you probably well know, the Japanese themselves often carry translators with them at the airport and in train stations. When ordering something, “it gets difficult because they don’t speak English and everybody wants to speak Japanese and menus are in Japanese and sometimes you’re not able to understand what to order so you have to, you know, really use a technology to help yourself look at the pictures and see okay this is what I want,” he says.

Mohit places a high value on exploration. Every year, that is the very first thing I do. He continues, “I think it really widens your perspective as an actor and as a human being when you go to different countries and explore different cultures and meet different kinds of people and you know explore their cultures and cities and the kind of things they experience.”

Now, tell me, what are the absolute necessities for your trip? Over time, I’ve learned to travel with as little as possible. I think the most crucial thing that I travel with is my battery pack. He says, “I like to shop, so when I go up abroad, I take the empty suitcases and bring back a filled suitcase.” This is because, “phone is always dying and you know when you’re traveling you need a battery pack to sort of keep charging it,” and because “sometimes a backpack you know which has some essentials and a water bottle, so that really helps while traveling.”

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