Isha Malviya asks the bigg boss to bring Samarth into the Dil room, and the bigg boss confronts Samarth about his hypocrisy.

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Recently, Isha Malviya received a heartfelt message from her parents on the occasion of Diwali. They weren’t just seen wishing Isha a happy Diwali; they were also seen wishing her a happy birthday, albeit a few days late. They encouraged her to perform on her own and wished her the best of luck.

Isha and Samarth got into it in the previous episode. While Isha was inside, bigg boss called for a confession. Isha asked the big boss to swap Abhishek Kumar out for Samarth in the Dil room. Isha didn’t ask me to come with her; instead, she claimed it was up to me, and Samarth was overheard saying as much to Vicky Jain. She’s a cheat, and I’m about to teach her the ropes. He also told Isha to shut up, to which she replied, “please stop misbehaving and talking non sense.”

Samarth was a wild card entrant in Bigg Boss 17, and he was criticized by the host for his hypocrisy in picking fights with Isha and visiting her at odd hours.

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