In response to body shaming, Shivangi Verma said, “No one asked for your opinion!”

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Having appeared in productions like Choti Sarrdaarni, Reporters, and Bhootu, actress Shivangi Verma often questions the motivations of those who engage in body shaming. She claims she has always believed that those who engage in body shaming should be made to feel ashamed of themselves.

No more space for critics and unsolicited suggestions! My message to people who support body shaming is simple: our bodies, our decisions. How we dress or live is none of your business. Nobody has asked for or values your input. Let’s create a community where people are encouraged to be compassionate and empathetic instead than critical, she suggests.

Moreover, “Beauty comes in all shades!” she exclaims. It’s not cool to make snap judgments about someone based solely on the color of their skin. No one should ever feel less than beautiful because of the color of their skin.

She claims to have witnessed such prejudice firsthand and has always been unwilling to tolerate it. I’ve seen the ugly faces of racism and fat shaming firsthand.I had to put on weight for a role, and I can’t believe how many people have said I look terrible now. It’s discouraging, she says, how rapidly people’s views may shift.

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