After Sunny betrays the “Dum” team, he and Samarth get into a fight.

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The members of the “Dum” room are the least invested in the game and thus the squad as a whole.

We’ve seen how Bigg Boss and Salman Khan mock them for talking a lot but not doing anything.

We’ve seen how Anurag, in particular, takes a lot of abuse, but the YouTube crew can’t afford to let up now.

In the next episode, Samarth and Sunny will have a major argument because of the treachery.

The new preview shows Anurag interrogating Samarth about the conversation between Sunny and Sana in this room, and how it was sent to the “Dil” room, and how the team can no longer trust him because of his betrayal.

He is questioned by Sunny, who informs him that he should not have gone to that team and told them everything that had happened.

When their debate escalates into a violent confrontation, the other competitors step in to restore order.

The “Dum” team doesn’t seem to be as welcoming to Samarth as the other teams are.

Samarth and his group are in for a long and heated battle that shows no signs of abating.

It will be interesting to see Salman Khan’s take on the situation when tomorrow’s edition of Weekend Ka Vaar airs.

Which side do you think is in the wrong here?

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